Arashiyama Garu 002

Making Of / 04 January 2019

Update on GARUUUU! Already painted in! I'm going to make another pose, and I'll retopology it for upload later on put it on marmoset! Any way, I'll make a keyshot concept render! Hope you like it!

As always check my twitch: as well as Dani's:

See ya next time!

Soft edges

Making Of / 24 December 2018

Hey! I've recently started modeling this concept from angel ganev (

This is just a quick update, I'll upload the finished version soon, hope you liking how it is looking, and see ya!

Flint 009

Making Of / 13 December 2018

Polypaint Finisheedddddd! Next is going for the retopology... 

You can see how I move those polygons here:

BTW: Keyshot render incoming...

See ya!